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GNK Home Improvement, LLC is a leading home improvement company serving to our neighborhoods. We work closely with the fence and window manufacturer, this make it possible for us to provide our customer the High quality products with affordable price.

Except doing installation for our customer,you can also get whole sale price fence materials from us if you'd like DIY your own fence. GNK based in New Jersey, also covered NY, PA.

All the GNK fence materials are getting from the American Fence Association (AFA) Member manufacturer. We believe only the professional vendors can bring our customer real satisfaction.

Our aluminium fence rails and posts are powder coated after punching and notching, re-sealing all exposed surfaces with a protective powder coat finish for long-lasting quality. Our fence using Tri-points contact design which makes our panel stronger than what you can find in the market. All fences are available for multiple color choices, with a matching style gate. We can also offer customized gate per your request of color and size.

Our PVC/Vinyl fence are virgin materials, and UV protected, all sections and posts are life-time warranty.

All other fence materials, such as wood, chain-link, deer fence are industry leading high quality which will bring you the best satisfaction.

Our Energy Star certified window can help you improve not only your home temperature but also you energy bills. This year, you can get up to $1500.00 Federal tax credit by changing your old less energy efficiency windows.

GNK Home Improvement Company is always ready to talk to you and answer any questions about our fence and window materials or home contracting services that best suit your needs. Our insured and specialized services will make you feel SAFE, HAPPY and GREEN.

Affordable Life-Time Fence

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